HJAAP & It’s Future Online

HJAAP Background

The second-oldest student-run review,  Harvard Journal of African American Public Policy, was published every year by the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. This was created in efforts to discuss, promote, and dismantle opinions affecting communities of color. Their core purpose was to empower & educate in hopes of improving the quality of public policies relating to the African American community.

There was a belief that policy is best implemented when it is correctly– and organically – informed. Therefore, they sought to extend the conversation to offer intriguing research and insight into respective varied perspectives and influence through its reach. In so doing, they hoped to increase African Americans’ political, social, and economic footprint.

HJAAP.org Online

The Hjaap.org website is now heavily focused on research, investment, & growth within the precious metals industry. Hjaap will make it a goal to focus on providing actionable strategies for investing in Gold, Silver, & other precious metals. We believe this is a BIG benefit for retirees looking to safeguard their retirement savings!

Stay tuned for more details soon! 🙂