2018 Call For Content

The last several years have been challenging for black people for a myriad of reasons. These challenges have both strengthened and unified the black community in incredibly meaningful ways. But the editorial board of the the Harvard Journal of African American Policy recognizes that despite this increased sense of unity, nothing about blackness is necessarily monolithic or exhaustive. While racial identities often inform our life experiences, other aspects of who we are like our gender, sexuality, religion, profession, domicile, and interests inspire our collective narratives and expand our culture. Whether through pain and/or pleasure, Blackness provides a particularly unique lens with which we can view any single fabric of our identity.

For our 25th edition – Black & _________ – we invite contributions critically engaging with policy issues arising at the margins of the intersectional relationship of being black & ________, wherein you get to choose the focus.

We invite students, scholars, activists, organizers, journalists, artists, and their critics to submit their work to our 2018 issue.

Through February 15, 2018, HJAAP will accept research articles, book reviews, interviews, commentaries, photography, playlists, poetry, and other artwork for print publication consideration. HJAAP also accepts ongoing op-ed and blog submissions for online publication.

All work must be the author’s original work. Previously published work will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For more information and to view previous publications, please visit hjaap.org or contact our Editorial Board at hjaap@hks.harvard.edu. Submit and share widely!