Featured - Six months later

Six Months Later: ArchCity Defenders’ Municipal Courts White Paper

This paper was written by Thomas B. Harvey, executive director and cofounder of ArchCity Defenders. Michael-John Voss, John McAnnar, Megan Conn, Sean Janda, and Sophia Keskey contributed to the finished product. Voss and McAnnar are the cofounders of ArchCity Defenders. Conn, Janda, and Keskey are interns from Washington University.  Thomas B. Harvey is an attorney…

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BLM -1

for mrs garner

By clint smith we all watched as they turned his windpipe into a staccato of decrescendos his entire body made martyr unwilling we have been down such roads before they buried his face in concrete we could see his right hand stiffen blood retreating in an attempt to save the rest of him when I…

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Featured - Accepting the Unacceptable

Accepting the Unacceptable: Judicial Backing of Racial Profiling in America

By Zoe Cadore Zoe Cadore is native Houstonian, a 2011 graduate of Spelman College, and a third-year student at the University of Houston Law School where she serves as the president of the Black Law Students Association. She currently serves as an intern for the United States House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, where she is…

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Featured - The Whole System is Guilty as Hell

The Whole System is Guilty as Hell

By: Justin Hansford Justin Hansford is a law professor at Saint Louis University School of Law, where his research incorporates legal history, legal ethics, critical race theory, human rights, and the Global Justice Movement in a broader attempt to interrogate injustice in society. He is a member of the Ferguson Legal Defense Committee and has…

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Featured - The fire this time

The Fire This Time

By: Will Hack The news rang out – six shots, Big Mike is dead. Another black man killed for no reason or rhyme. In Ferguson, the people pledged as Michael bled, They said, “No more water, the fire this time.” All across the nation old wounds opened As new wounds made the men of faith exclaim,…

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Cover Art_TheVirginMartyrStCecilia

The 21st Edition – Released!

We’ve just released the 21st edition of the Harvard Journal of African American Public Policy. After making waves during the Black Policy Conference, we’re now excited to share its contents with the greater public. Rooted in the tumultuous events surrounding Ferguson and mainstream revelations of police brutality, our collection of thought-provoking commentaries, research articles, poetry,…

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