Featured - Our Account - A Ferguson Photo Journal

Our Account: A Ferguson Photo Journal

Commentary/Photos by Derecka Purnell Photos by Mary Glen Fredrick Derecka Purnell is a first-year student at Harvard Law School and political organizer from St. Louis, Missouri. She studied Black studies and political science at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She is committed to solving issues in the criminal justice and education systems, and her experiences…

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Featured - Trapped in a reflection

Trapped in a Reflection (The Color of Sky)

By Brandon Moore What color do you see; when you look at me? Do you see BLACK Instead of my brown skin The color of wickedness? The color of sin? Am I the color of menace; A shadow in death’s valley? The color of stalking you down a long dark alley? Or maybe you see…

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BLM -1

for mrs garner

By clint smith we all watched as they turned his windpipe into a staccato of decrescendos his entire body made martyr unwilling we have been down such roads before they buried his face in concrete we could see his right hand stiffen blood retreating in an attempt to save the rest of him when I…

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Featured - The fire this time

The Fire This Time

By: Will Hack The news rang out – six shots, Big Mike is dead. Another black man killed for no reason or rhyme. In Ferguson, the people pledged as Michael bled, They said, “No more water, the fire this time.” All across the nation old wounds opened As new wounds made the men of faith exclaim,…

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